American Academy of Neurology総会講演が無料で視聴できる!

American Academy of Neurology総会講演が無料で視聴できる!

本年度総会のplenary sessionがfreeで見られる。興味あるかたはご覧ください。日本神経学会では会員向けにごく一部の講演を無料で視聴できるが、無料対象講演を増加してほしいと願っている。

# PL01 Clinical Trials Plenary Session

THE MS-STAT TRIAL: High Dose Simvastatin Slows Brain Atrophy and Delays Disability in…

Jeremy Chataway

Interventional Management of Stroke-3 Trial

Joseph P. Broderick

Phase III Trial of Bevacizumab Added to Standard Radiotherapy and Temozolomide for…

Timothy Cloughesy

Safety and Tolerability of Dexpramipexole for the Treatment of ALS: Results from the…

Leonard Van den Berg

Efficacy of Dexpramipexole in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Data from the Phase III…

Merit E. Cudkowicz


# PL02 Contemporary Clinical Issues Plenary Session

Radiologically Isolated Syndrome (RIS): 5-Year Risk for an Initial Clinical Event…

Darin Okuda, David H. Miller

Medical Management with mTOR Inhibitors vs. Surgical Resection: Comparison of…

Susanne Yoon, David Viskochil

Clinicopathologic Correlations in 172 Cases of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder ± a…

Bradley F. Boeve

Clinicopathologic Correlations in 172 Cases of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder ± a…

Ronald Postuma

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Daniel Perl

Functional Plasticity in MS

Maria Rocca


# PL03 Controversies in Neuroscience Plenary Session

Should Intra-arterial Therapy be Used as Standard Treatment of Acute Stroke?

Pooja Khatri, Raul G. Nogueira

Should Levodopa Be Initiated at the Time of Diagnosis?

Stephen G. Reich, C. Warren Olanow


# PL04 Frontiers in Translational Neuroscience Plenary Session

Epilepsy Genetics – Impact at the Clinic 2013

Samuel F. Berkovic

Building Molecules to Image Neuroinflammatory Disease Processes

Roger Y. Tsien

Alzheimer’s Disease in an Aging World

Laura Fratiglioni

Drugs, Gene Therapy, Stem Cells: Therapeutic Revolution in ALS

Merit E. Cudkowicz


# PL05 Futures in Clinical Research Luncheon

Clues to Starting a Clinical Research Career

Joel S. Perlmutter

A Career in Clinical Research from the NIH Perspective

Walter J. Koroshetz

A Career in Clinical Research from the K Awardee Perspective

Myla Goldman


# PL06 Hot Topics Plenary Session

Rare and Common Genetic Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alison Goate

Fungal Meningitis Outbreak: 2012

David B. Clifford

Synthetic Tau Fibrils Mediate Transmission of Neurofibrillary Tangles in a Transgenic…

John Q. Trojanowski

Radiation-induced Memory Dysfunction: Neural Stem Cell Etiology and Emerging…

Michelle Monje


# PL07 Neurology Year in Review Plenary Session


Costantino Iadecola


Nancy J. Newman


Michael G. Benatar


Daniel H. Lowenstein

Alzheimer’s Disease

Eric Reiman

Multiple Sclerosis

Michael K. Racke


#PL08 Presidential Plenary Session

Healthcare Reform: Thinking Anew

Bruce Sigsbee

Primary Progressive Aphasia and the Language Network

M. Marsel Mesulam

Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathies: 50 Years On

Salvatore Di Mauro







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