私がKnoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blogに投稿した疑問点や小保方さん、丹羽さんにメールした内容に対する回答が、Vacantiが公開したSTAP細胞の作製法の中に記載されていた。やはり、Key issueの一つはtrituration procedureであった。

( I appreciate very much if you answer my question below. I sent the following e-mail to Dr Obokata. In your published today’s protocol, you did not describe the trituration procedures in detail. Is it not important?)

Protocol for generating STAP cells from mature somatic cells

A5. As a final extremely important step in the trituration process, make two fire polished pipettes with very small orifices as follows: Heat the standard 9” glass pipette over a Bunsen burner and then pull and stretch the distal (melting) end of the pipette, until the lumen collapses and the tip breaks off, leaving a closed, pointed glass tip. Wait until the pipette cools, and then break off the closed distal tip until a very small lumen is now identifiable. Repeat this process with the second pipette, but break the tip off a little more proximally, creating a slightly larger distal lumen. The larger lumen should be about 100-150 microns in diameter, while the other pipette should have a smaller lumen of about 50-70 microns. Now triturate the cell suspension through the pipette with the larger lumen for 10 minutes. Follow this with trituration through the pipette having the smaller lumen (50-70 microns) for an additional 15 minutes. Continue to triturate the suspension until it passes easily up and down the fire polished pipette of the smaller bore. This is a very important step. Do not skip this step, or take a shortcut. Again, remember to precoat each pipette with media. Also, during trituration, try to avoid aspirating air and creating bubbles or foam in the cell suspension.ブログランキングに登録しています。


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